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Why Weight? Be Healthy!

All Bible Concept

Overweight tends toward Obesity. Both are bad for the body. They physically weaken and limit us. They emotionally discourage and depress us.

In act and fact, being fat is an inner-man, inner-woman spiritual issue — an Adverse Bible Concept. That's easy to see, isn't it.

God sees us as a whole person — spirit, soul, body - heart, soul, mind, strength of body. These all make up the person that is — YOU. When we misuse, abuse any part of us we do not honor God.

ABCDiet — is an eBook that opens and offers to all who will try it — an All Bible Concept on weight loss. It is sent, meant to help fix the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical problems of overweight and obesity.

Why Weight? Be Healthy!
Why Wait?
You too can win the fat fight.
Yes you can!

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ABC Diet

Who Cares? Jesus Cares!

Psalm 23

All Bible Concept

"The LORD is my Shepherd Too."

God's 24 Absolute-Power Promises.

Knowing God is with you is vital. Walking, talking with the Creator LORD God Almighty Himself is a personal inner-man, inner-woman real-life privilege — obviously. Yet, it is missing in every dysfunction and disorder in our trauma-troubled global human family. That's also obvious, isn't it.

Really belonging to God, His child, in His forever family — is relationship to God. Also, real, right, joyous fellowship — close, clear, constant companionship with God — are vital, victorious, ultra valued All Bible Concepts.

God offers to all people on the planet His great Good News — of His own best blessings and benefits in all the years of our lifespan on earth — and in Heaven hereafter forever.

In Psalm 23 — you too can say —
w ith King David —

"The LORD is my Shepherd too."
Believe it!

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Who Cares?

Why Worry? Be Happy!

All Bible Concept
Real Stress Rest

Anxiety, fears, tears, soul-stress, unrest, depressed thoughts and emotions — are spiritual issues — simple Adverse Bible Concepts.

God always tells it like it is. He names, blaes, shames all such non-trusting issues in us, and He gives to us each His absolute-power — All Bible Concept answers.

Commercial ads for pills to treat worries and fears are a constant viewing, listening diet on all media. Alcohol, medicating drugs, analyst couches, may mask our anxiety symptoms, but they can never cure and rid us of the raw reality of worry and fears, panic and tears.

But God — in His amazing grace and love speaks His pure, perfect peace that relieves all anxieties in any troubled heart, mind, soul and the body — for all who call on Him.

Jesus said three times in His Sermon on the Mount:
"Do not Worry. Do not worry.
Do not Worry,"

He gave us His Bible Concept Worry-free-Key." Count on it!

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Why Worry?