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Why Worry? Be Happy!

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Biblical Answer to Anxiety, Worry, Stress and Fear
Don Rhoads, Radio Pastor

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My Own True Confession

Along with millions, and maybe you too, I have walked the valley of shadows - fear, anxiety, depression. But not now! I too have known worries - panics that paralyze. But no more. They need not rule us - at all! The best, right, real answers to all anxiety and fear - are in All Bible Concept Stress Rest! They are for you too!

Your own Worry-Free-Key
Best Stress Rest - Real Depression Relief
Don Rhoads
Radio Pastor
Brief, simple, easy reading power pages from the Bible - bring to troubled hearts and minds - calm and contented love, joy, personal peace in daily living. You need not suffer inner stress, depression, anxiety, fear. The principles in ABC-StressRest All Bible Concepts - are helping millions, as we speak! They can help you too! When truly tried - they work - every time, all the time!

Why Worry? Be Happy!
No prescriptions, no pills, no analyst bills!
The real right way out of worries and ills!
Inner stress kills! Depression, worry, fear can too - if we let them. They bring inner ills to injure us - if we let them. This ABC-StressRest Bible study opens up deep, sweet, real relief, release from stress, offers freedom from fear, calm in any crisis. ABC-StressRest can replace gut-pain panic with true heart and mind-peace. Fear, inner-stress lead many people to serious sickness - some to suicide. ABC-StressRest can remove dark doubts, despair, fear, inner pain - and bring real depression relief - the very best stress rest - from Jesus to you with love! It is for you too!

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"Why Worry? Be Happy!"
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